5 Things I Wish I Did A Year Ago

These are the things that were once normal but it changed all of a sudden.

Photo taken by the Author: Rainna

“All I want is for things to go back to the way they used to be” — Shrek to Fiona

I love adventures and learning new things. I am grateful for everything that I have and I cherish every moments I have but there are things that I took for granted last year.

Here are 5 things I wish I’ve done differently a year ago:

  1. Rock Climbing

Since December 2019, I’ve been planning to go indoors rock climbing but kept making excuses for myself that I don’t have enough money for the membership. I decided to apply for it in March 2020 since I have two jobs that time but then Corona virus outbreak happened. I wish I had applied in December 2019, when I still had at least 3 months to do rock climbing. I knew they had a month of free trial, how I wish I took that opportunity to do rock climbing. Until now, I don’t see any indoor rock climbing facility that are open in my area due to the lockdown.

2. Hug my friends tight

Before the Corona virus outbreak, I would meet with my friends every week. I have several friends that I visit, sometimes we just meet each other half way. It’s not like I don’t hug my friends when I see them, I just wish I hugged them tighter than I did the last time I saw them. Even though we keep in touch through social media and phone calls, but it’s still not the same compare to seeing them in person. To even make things worse, I’m not even sure when I’m going to see them again in person because this Corona virus doesn’t seems to be going away anytime soon. If I was given a chance to go back in 2019, I would hug my friends tighter even if it’s silly.

3. Going to Libraries

I would definitely sit down and read a book at public libraries and visit different libraries around my area. Although there were some distractions at library, but it’s a different feeling when you’re reading at the library when you have to pack your things up, your journals and your favourite book. Walking down the sidewalk and taking a public transportation without having to wear a mask. Now, most libraries in my area are closed and some of them are only taking online reservation for books.

4. Sit at a coffee shop by myself

A year ago, I would go to a coffee shop with a friend. We would meet on a Sunday afternoon. We would order coffee and some nanaimo bar (Canadian dessert). It was great to have company, but it’s another thing to sit at coffee shop by yourself. I would definitely go to a coffee shop, drink latte, write and read a book. Coffee shops has that different atmosphere, very relaxing and conducive to have a relaxing “Me Time”. Now, I just drink my coffee on my home desk, because there are no tables to stay at coffee shops. I don’t know how long will I wait to experience having alone time by myself at a coffee shop. Would it still be a thing when we get back to normal life?

5. I would go visit restaurants that I haven’t been to

I would love to go to restaurants with my friends at 7:00 in the evening. I loved a simple conversation with good food, wine, dim lights, some music in the background and hearing people chattering and laughing in the back. It breaks my heart thinking that some restaurants I’ve wanted to visit in Toronto are now permanently closed. When I went to restaurant with a friend in July 2020, when the restaurants opened up patios with limitations and precautions, it was different. We had to wait an hour for a table to be available. If I knew the pandemic would happen, I would go out and bring my friends to different restaurants.

These are simple things that has huge impact on me. These are the little things that I thought won’t take away from me. If I only I knew that everything would change, I would have done things differently. I would take every opportunity I’ve had. I wouldn’t postpone anything nor take things for granted. Just like Jessica Sorensen said, “Seize the day, take hold of it, and make it whatever you want.”

From Medium Prompts: What do you wish you’d known or done differently one year ago? Tell us your story.

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